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(published by: Beechwood Hall)


Calling all budding photographers


Hamsey Festival, Saturday July 12th, Beechwood Hall

We hope to display a number of photos, each with a new perspective on our parish, captured on camera by you. Judging and prize giving will take place on the afternoon of the festival. There are four age categories:

*under 9 years

*under 16 years

*16 years – 60 years

*over 60 years

To enter bring your printed photographs – maximum size 8” x 8” – with you to the festival by 2pm on the day. Alternatively you can post them through my door at Nursery Cottage, Cooksbridge, BN8 4SL by the 11th July.

Please contact me by email at for more information.

Tamsyn d’Arienzo, Hamsey Festival Organising Committee

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Hamsey Festival

(published by: Beechwood Hall)


Saturday 12th July 2-8pm at Beechwood Hall.

Details are yet to be finalised but there will be lots of familiar activities taking place including our renowned dog show, the ever popular five-a-side- football tournament, various other sporting activities and, last but not least the Great Hamsey Bake-Off. Age categories for the Bake-off will be 4-9yrs, 10-15yrs & 16 plus. Judges will be looking at texture, presentation and most importantly, taste – so, get baking! Entries cost £1 and will be accepted until 3pm on the day.

We have some new activities this year to keep everyone of all ages entertained. There will be a circus skills workshop for those of you who have ever fancied stilt walking; music making workshops; craft activities and we’re also hosting a new photography competition.

We are also encouraging local artists and crafts people to come and sell their wares, with an emphasis on things vintage.

This year we’re having a vintage theme – there will be a Lindyhop swing dancing lesson from around 4.30pm followed by a fab band to practice your new dancing skills to later in the evening.

No-one will go hungry this year ... we have some fabulous food on offer and of course St Peter’s Church will be providing their fantastic tea and cakes. Meanwhile, Hamsey School PTA will be quenching our thirst with their marvellous bar.

Be sure to make Saturday 12th July a special date in your diaries and join us for some vintage themed Festival fun !

Ps please contact Moira - 07790 094390 or Kirsty - 07703 105654 if you would like to book a stall for £5. We are also looking for helpers to set up on the day and help with the clear up on the Sunday


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Have you lost your pet?

(published by: website administrator)



A polecat/ferret cross (with face mask). Quite small so maybe young.

If you have lost one please contact the clerk to the parish council in the first instance.


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Distraction thefts on the increase

(published by: Police news)


Distraction thefts are a technique used by a group of offenders who prey on elderly or lone shoppers.

Incidents have been reported on Wealden District this week and will normally move across areas.

Techniques used include claiming the victim has a nail in their car tyre, (asking victim to get out of their car and check tyre - accomplice steals belongings) asking for directions, or asking if people have dropped money.

When helping others in public places DO take sensible precautions.

* Never leave your bag on a shopping trolley unattended, and ensure the bag is zipped up.

* When putting shopping away in the boot of your vehicle always keep your handbag/wallet with you

* If you are distracted for even a moment whilst putting shopping away - keep handbags with you or lock them in the vehicle before speaking to / helping anyone

* If asked for directions or to look at maps/items – ensure you lock personal items in the vehicle first

* When filling up with fuel, lock your vehicle while fuelling, and when you go to pay.

* If your bag has a zip or other fastener, use it, Do not leave purses/wallets on view.

* Once you have assisted someone, take a quick look in your bag afterwards to ensure your purse/wallet/cards are still there and undisturbed. If not, call your bank/ card companies immediately and the Police as soon as possible.

* If you are approached by anyone suspicious, report it to the Police as soon as possible.

Thieves know all the tricks, and all the hiding places. They know where to look - it takes them seconds to relieve you of your goods, money, possessions, bags.

Please be aware of suspicious groups of people hanging around car parks who don’t appear to be shopping, or otherwise appear out of place. Report them to us.

If you believe you saw or heard anything related to these type of incidents or have seen anything suspicious please call Sussex Police on 101 or contact Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. If possible record descriptions of any person/ persons or vehicle (including, make model, colour and index numbers).


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Get The Stile Book

(published by: website administrator)


In 2011, The Monday Group - local volunteer rights-of-way workers - was 50 years old. In celebration of this I put together The Stile Book telling the story of the Monday Group.

If you like walking in this area, most of the paths you use are kept clear, and the stiles, steps and bridges you climb are built, installed and maintained by the Monday Group.

Until recently The Stile Book was only available from the Monday Group itself. But since 15th January, the second edition is on sale at Lewes Tourist Information Centre where they currently have 10 copies in stock.

We'd like those to sell out so they'll take more next time and you and your friends could help that to happen!

If you already have a copy and have enjoyed it, please encourage others to get one too. If you don't already possess it, buy it now! Its an amusing, entertaining, intriguing and copiously illustrated account of an enduringly worthwhile enterprise.

All this for a mere £8.50 and it's signed! All proceeds to the Monday Group.

Thank you and may 2014 be better than all your previous years!


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Cooksbridge Station

(published by: Cooksbridge Station partnership)


The latest Action Plan of the Cooksbridge station partnership has been added to the website


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