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Be on the parish council - make a difference

(published by: Hamsey Parish Council)


There will be elections on May 7th for anyone wanting to become a member of the Hamsey Parish Council. You will need to complete an application form and return it by April 9th.

Please consider taking on this important role in the community and contact the clerk - - if you want help or more details.

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Roadworks in the parish

(published by: Hamsey Parish Council)


As the financial year draws to a close, there is a rush of road repairs coming our way:

· Deadmantree Hill, C205, Barcombe – we are carrying out carriageway patching and jointing works between 23 February and 4 March with temporary 30mph speed restriction

· Resting Oak Hill, A275, Barcombe - we are carrying out carriageway patching and jointing works between 26 February and 4 March with temporary 30mph speed restriction

· Wickam Lane, U5658, East Chiltington – we are carrying out carriageway patching and jointing works between 23 February and 4 March with temporary 30mph speed restriction

· Cooksbridge Road / Resting Oak Hill / South Road, A275, Cooksbridge / South Chailey - we are carrying out carriageway patching and jointing works between 23 February and 4 March with temporary 30mph speed restriction and 2 way temporary lights

and of course Beechwood Lane / A275 instal traffic island in A275 and pedestrian footway along North side of Beechwood Lane. 9th March for 4-6 weeks.


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Roadworks Beechwood Lane

(published by: Hamsey Parish Council)


Work will be undertaken on the eastern section of Beechwood Lane and a short section of the A275 in Cooksbridge.

Hours of work

Working hours are to be 09:30 to 16:30 from Monday to Friday (no weekend working) and Beechwood Lane will remain closed after working hours. The road will be closed for a period of 6 weeks (approx.) Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout the period of the works. Footway safety barriers and signage will be in place to maintain pedestrian safety.

There will be no impact on access for emergency services or on bus services for the duration of the works.

What are we doing?

The works consist of clearing vegetation in the verge (Beechwood Lane), and building a new footway on the northern side of the carriageway to provide a safe means for pedestrians to access the recreation park and Beechwood Hall. An uncontrolled pedestrian crossing (no traffic signals) incorporating a central pedestrian refuge on the main road (the A275) also form part of the works.

Why are we doing it?

This is a Community Match scheme. Community Match is one of a number of initiatives East Sussex County Council have introduced to help local communities help themselves.

The initiative gives Town and Parish Councils and Community Groups the opportunity to take forward local transport improvements that are of importance to local communities but which may not be an immediate priority for the County Council.

If a Town/ Parish Council or Community Group commit to part fund the cost of scheme design and construction, East Sussex County Council will potentially match that funding. Any improvement schemes would be considered but priority is given to those schemes that will benefit the whole community and are most in line with the County Council’s priorities.

In this case Hamsey Parish Council applied for Community Match funding, provided a feasibility design and carried out the initial consultation in the community. The cost of the scheme is to be jointly funded by Hamsey Parish Council (50%) and East Sussex County Council (50%).

Anything else? (will residents be able to park? Are there any businesses/schools/hospitals?Buses?)

The works are to be undertaken in March and April 2015, for a period of approximately six weeks. Beechwood Lane will be closed for the duration of the works and a well signposted diversion route will be in place. There are some works to undertake on the A275 and the traffic management employed will be Stop/Go boards, for a duration of 1 week (approx.).

Beechwood Hall and the recreation park will still be accessible on foot for the duration of the works. There are no bus routes using Beechwood Lane so there will no impact on bus services.

Beechwood Lane Diversion - suggested route


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Safe Access to Beechwood Hall

(published by: Hamsey Parish Council)


East Sussex County Council, The Southdowns National Park Authority, the Trustees of Beechwood Hall and Hamsey parish council are working together to provide a short length of pavement from A275 Cooksbridge, along Beechwood Lane, to safely access the Beechwood Hall and park.

Residents who have responded to recent surveys have shown strong support for this project, as have the local primary school.

It is hoped that work will commence on March 9th 2015 and will take 3-4 weeks, depending on the weather.

During this time, diversions will need to be in place. Details of the diversion route are available on this website.

Beechwood Lane Diversion - suggested route


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Its Tidy up your village time

(published by: Hamsey Parish Council)


Come along to Beechwood Hall at 10am on 14th February and make a difference to where you live.

All equipment provided for you and your family/friends to clear as much litter as you can from around the villages.

Back to the hall by mid day please and there will be a drink for every volunteer.


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Level crossing closure - The Drove

(published by: Hamsey Parish Council)


Duration of works: Saturday 21st February 2015 from 23:00hrs until 05:00hrs on Monday 23rd February 2015

Summary of scheme

Network Rail will be carrying out essential Civil Engineering Works.

Traffic management

The works will be carried out under a temporary road closure, 10 metres either side of the Level Crossing.

A diversion route for through traffic will be signed and maintained for the duration of the works as follows:

Via: C8 The Drove – U5012 Hamsey Lane – A275 Cooksbridge Road – A275 The Street and vice versa.

Additional information

Access to properties will be maintained where possible but may be restricted at times; pedestrian access will not be affected.

Local bus companies have been notified


If you require any further information or have a query regarding these works please contact Network Rail on 01273 783264.


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(published by: Cooksbridge Station partnership)


On the 30th January 2015 Southern railway will be closing their Dec 2015 timetable consultation.

This means that all the new services the Cooksbridge Station Partnership has been fighting for on your behalf will be up for consideration.

On the 29th January the partnership will be presenting to Southern railway and Norman Baker MP (who is also fighting our cause) a large and informative document asking for more services and the reasons why.

Please help and add your voice, just a short note asking for more trains to stop at our station and the reason why it will benefit you, your children, work or pleasure.

They all count in this last and final campaign.

Please send your response direct to GTR Southern by email or FREEPOST

GTR Dec 2015 Consultation, FREEPOST LON 15973, Croydon, CR0 1ZY

This is our last chance to get any more trains to stop for the next 5 years. So far we have managed to get 2 extra trains to stop at our station, now we want the service to stop hourly and 7 days a week.

Please e.mail a copy of your response to

We will then add it to the comprehensive response to be sent by the Station Partnership.

Can we have a copy by 20th January please.


Cooksbridge Station Partnership.


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