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(published by: Police news)


There is an automated scam phone call/message going around at the moment pretending to be from Sussex Police asking for peoples' email addresses. It is not from the Police, and do not give them any information.

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New residents group

(published by: website administrator)


Unfortunately there were no takers for the first meeting of the hoped for residents group, so it would appear that this will have to fold due to lack of interest, before it ever got started.

The idea put forward by a Cooksbridge resident was for those who want to get together on a weekday afternoon, have a coffee and a chat, to decide what sort of a group this might be - craft work, painting, book club, talks or outings. Meant for all residents of any age and to reflect the wishes of those attending, if anyone is interested in this getting up and running, in the first instance please contact the hall manager on 07762 118985.

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Well done and Thank you

(published by: website administrator)


Trustees of Beechwood Hall would like to thank everyone who put their Tesco token into the box for the new Youth Shelter at Beechwood Park.


This means that a grant of £12000 will come from Tesco and will be used to install a lovely Oak shelter at the park. Residents should be able to see the base going in in April and the new shelter should be ready to enjoy by the end of May just in time for those summer get togethers.

Thanks everyone.


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Please take a few moments to complete the Cooksbridge Station Survey for the Demand of Additional Stopping Services

(published by: Cooksbridge Station partnership)


Trains come through Cooksbridge Station very regularly, but the Parish and surrounding villages still do not have a proper regular service.

In response to past surveys the Station Partnership has been campaigning for an hourly service, including weekends. Having been denied this in the Dec 2015 timetable, we intend to step up the campaign and involve our MP.

It would be very helpful to have your feedback to ensure we are properly representing the needs of the community.

Please take a few moments to click on the above link and complete the online survey before the end of February. Please feel free to share the survey with other people who may be interested.

With thanks,

Cooksbridge Station Partnership and Cooksbridge Area Rail Action Group CARAG



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