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The Mobile Library service

(published by: Hamsey Parish Council)


The Mobile Library service will visit Little Mead in Cooksbridge between 10.35am and 11.05am on the following dates:

July 17th, August 7th and 28th, September 18th, October 9th and 30th, November 20th and December 11th 2015.

News with world access


(published by: Hamsey Parish Council)


This summer there have been some technical issues at Hamsey Level Crossing which have resulted on occasions in the lights flashing intermittently or the barriers remaining in the down position for a prolonged period of time. These incidents have been attended to by Network Rail, thoroughly investigated and rectified with no danger posed to road users obeying the warning lights and barriers.

However, during at least one of these incidents some frustrated motorists have lost patience and driven across, weaving around the barriers. This is illegal, irresponsible and totally unacceptable behaviour. Even if someone is acting as a "lookout" on the track, there is simply not enough time to cross safely. As well as risking their own life, such drivers are also putting at risk the safety of all the passengers on a train. If you encounter a problem at Hamsey Level Crossing, you should report it using the emergency telephone at the crossing and follow the instructions given. In no circumstances should you take risks with the safety of yourself and others.

The issue of misuse by road users at Hamsey Level Crossing has been escalated within Network Rail by the Parish Council and we are working with them to make a case for potential additional measures to reduce the risk arising from misuse. If anyone witnesses misuse of Hamsey Level Crossing, please provide full details to Parish Councillor Robert Baughan ( / 07725 957202) in order that they can be collated and passed on to the relevant rail authorities for action.


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