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Neighbourhood Plan - an update

(published by: The Neighbourhood Plan)



I am pleased to be able to report that during the summer the writing team have made significant progress in creating a draft Neighbourhood Plan for Hamsey Parish.

The draft plan has been pulled together to take into account feedback from residents and local businesses, evidence both historic and current, with input also from outside bodies including Lewes District Council (LDC), Action in rural Sussex and independent consultants from Planning Aid.


The next major step in the process is a six week consultation phase when all residents of Hamsey and other stakeholders can look at the draft plan and make comment.

We are holding a open morning on SATURDAY THE 29THOF NOVEMBER between 10am and 1pm which is an opportunity for you to meet members of the team and give any comment on the draft plan. You will be able to access the plan from Monday the 24th of November on or pick up a hard copy from the school, Offham garage or the Rainbow Inn.

This consultation phase for residents will last for six weeks and any comments will either be used to make changes to the plan or if not, they will be recorded and a reason for not incorporating them given.


When the final draft is in place then in will go to a wider public consultation which LDC will organise.

We can’t predict what if any, issues might be raised at this point with a need to be addressed.

but once this has happened we could be looking at late spring 2015 to go to referendum .


Our plan will include a number of polices covering future use of land in the parish, which will guide how any future development in the parish is approached by the local planning authority (LDC).

It is these police which you will be able to vote upon at the referendum.


We have also identified (through resident’s feedback) local projects which would benefit Hamsey., These also form part of the local plan and as such are not voted on, however the Steering Group decided to include these within the overall plan for a more holistic view.

I look forward to giving you a further update in the Winter edition.

Mike Dodd Chair

Hamsey Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group


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