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Temporary road closure A275 level crossing

(published by: Hamsey Parish Council)


Cooksbridge Road, Cooksbridge

At the level crossing for a distance of 10 metres either side of the level crossing

From 23:00 hours on Monday 8th August 2016 to 05:00 hours on Tuesday 9th August 2016

From 23:00 hours on Tuesday 9th August 2016 to 05:00 hours on Wednesday 10th August 2016

From 23:00 hours on Wednesday 10th August 2016 to 05:00 hours on Thursday 11th August 2016

From 23:00 hours on Thursday 11th August 2016 to 05:00 hours on Friday 12th August 2016

To allow Network Rail to carry out civil engineering works

Diversion via:

U5012 Hamsey Lane – C8 The Drove – A275 The Street – A275 Cooksbridge Road

In both directions

If you need to discuss this further please contact:

Network Rail – Karen Porter

01293 622491

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Please clean up after your dog

(published by: Hamsey Parish Council)


There is a pile of dog mess right in the gateway to our recreation ground at Beechwood Park. Ironically, it is right below the no fouling notice. The park was donated to the residents of Hamsey parish for recreation back in the 1940's and is used by many people for that purpose. On Wednesday evenings local children use the football pitch to practice on and they should not have to dodge piles of dog poo.

Perhaps dog toilet is not the use which the benefactor intended when donating the land and maybe it is time we thought about keeping the area for recreation and banning dogs from the park?


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More petty damage

(published by: Hamsey Parish Council)


Sadly the spate of damage around the village continues. Despite rplacing the bricks that were kicked off the base for the new shelter at Beechwood park, someone has thought it clever to kick out three more of the bricks from the base. The cost of replacing these is not covered by the grant for the shelter so comes out of the tax paid by all our residents.

Police are aware of these incidents following the destruction of the old youth shelter.


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No parking please

(published by: Hamsey Parish Council)


A clearway is in force to prevent people parking and blocking the bus stop at Cooksbridge. The number to call to report people parking at the slope of the bus stop,and to get it ticketed, is 03456 801129


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Just why do we bother?

(published by: Hamsey Parish Council)


For some time now, I have used a lot of energy looking at designs for a lovely new shelter at the Beechwood Park, which could replace the old one destroyed by vandals. I applied for and got a grant to cover most of the cost so there would be no burden on Hamsey parish tax payers even though I do not live in the parish. I met with contractors and manufacturers and was pleased when the work finally started BUT...

The concrete base was poured and taped off whilst it set solid. Next day the base was covered with prints from a heavy dog which had either been allowed or perhaps encouraged to leave its marks for the future. This has left holes in the otherwise pristine surface that it is now impossible to fill.

On Monday, the bricklayers laid two courses of bricks to take the new shelter, it is a skillful bit of bricklaying as the shelter is a hexagon BUT..

Tuesday morning and someone has kicked off the end brick. WHY???

I really do despair. Trustees, parish councilors, all the people who volunteer and help to make the parish and the hall and grounds lovely for everyone to enjoy give their time and their energy. Why do some people just want to damage things? One resident has repeatedly asked for a public toilet to be available at the grounds and trustees are now looking at the likely cost of providing one.

Just how long would it be before that facility is wrecked?

If you have any information about who does these things please let me know – Jenni Toomey, Disappointed clerk to Hamsey parish.


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