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Last chance to support the proposal for a 2-hourly off-peak service at Cooksbridge and Plumpton. Deadline is THIS THURSDAY 8th December to respond. The survey is simple to complete.

(published by: Cooksbridge Station partnership)


Dear Users and Supporters of Cooksbridge Station

GTR Southern is consulting about a fundamental review of the timetable effective from 2018.

This includes a proposal to alternate stops at Cooksbridge and Plumpton, providing both stations with a two-hourly service, seven days a week, in addition to the current services that stop at both stations. The full consultation document is available on the Southern website. The simplest way to respond is via the on line survey

There are 62 questions in all but you need only address general questions 1-13 and question 35 relating to the Cooksbridge/Plumpton proposal.

Alternatively you can respond by post to GTR 2018 Timetable Consultation, East Side Offices, Kings Cross Station, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AP. If so, please follow the format of the on line survey by answering the following:

1. Do you support retaining the current hourly service at Plumpton?

2. Do you support reducing the current hourly service at Plumpton to a two-hourly service to enable a two-hourly service at Cooksbridge on Mondays to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays?

Add your name, address, local station and whatever else you want to say in support of a regular service at Cooksbridge.

A two-hourly service is not ideal for either station, but it is the only option on offer and Southern will not be open to persuasion about a more extensive service at this time. Can you please therefore simply address the proposal on the table. Though Southern is supporting the proposal it is not a "done deal". There will be resistance from Plumpton to a reduction in service and the scale of our responses we must clearly demonstrate real and significant demand. As well as responding yourself can you therefore please also encourage others you know who would benefit from a regular service to reply - family, friends and neighbours, not forgetting those who would welcome the opportunity to get to the parish by train, rather than having to drive. This is an opportunity that we must seize as it will be many years before the chance comes again. The closing date is December 8th.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact any member of the Cooksbridge Area Rail Action Group;


News with world access

Get on Board - vote for CTLA

(published by: Hamsey Parish Council)


The passion and enthusiasm of the staff and volunteers for being part of a vital front-line community service never fails to impress. They are aware how important each journey is. It can be the difference between social inclusion - or being lonely and isolated for a week. Please 'Get On Board'

CTLA Community Transport are hoping to receive up to £25,000 in the Aviva Community Fund grant programme to support their vital front-line charity work in the District - but they need your votes!

All you have to do is:

1. Click on the link below - or copy and paste the link into your browser

2. Register yourself on the site - The registration process is very simple - just click on "Register and login" follow the simple steps, including verifying your email address, just make sure the Aviva email doesn't go into your spam.

(If you have a Facebook account and are logged in, just go to the bottom of the registration page where you can 'Login with Facebook' - the whole process will then take just seconds.)

3. After being returned to the projects page - search by project CTLA

4. Once you have found and clicked on our project you can cast up to 10 votes for us – use the slider to choose the number of votes you wish to cast and click vote – you should get an immediate notification that your votes have been registered.

5. Please tell everyone you know – forward the voting link to everyone in your address book asking them to vote for us – Also if you have a Facebook or Twitter feed it would be lovely if you could get the information out on those platforms as well. Please ask them to use as many votes as they can for us!

The cost of a new vehicle against the good it could do in the community, potentially saving community groups and providing vulnerable and isolated individuals with quality of life is simply immeasurable.

Thank you for your consideration. We hope you can 'Get On Board'.

Paula Woolven

Community and Communications Manager

CTLA Community Transport

01273 517332



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