Network Rail improvement works at Cooksbridge – May 2020

Network Rail improvement works at Cooksbridge – May 2020


Herewith information on improvement works that Network Rail will be carrying out at Cooksbridge during May:


Platform Extension Works – 2nd May to 14th May 2020


Platform 1 at Cooksbridge station is being extended to accommodate 8 car trains which will become the norm from the introduction of the new summer GTR Southern timetable (when we will also see the return of our Sunday service after an absence of 36 years). The construction of this platform extension is great news for our community, allowing rail users to access the full length of most Up trains and also minimising the amount of time that the level crossing at Cooksbridge is closed and the resultant airborne pollution created by any idling road vehicles. 


The enabling works which commenced on 14th April are now complete in readiness for the main construction works for the platform extension to be undertaken this coming weekend, with the remaining works programmed as follows: 


  • Saturday 2nd May – Monday 4th May: Construction of the platform extension. This work will be carried out during a full possession of the line between 00.01 hours on Saturday 2nd May and 04.00 hours on Monday 4th May and will involve some heavy plant and machinery for piling and construction works.  


  • Monday 4th May – Thursday 14th May: Fitting of platform furniture. This work will be carried out from 00.00 hours to 04.00 hours each night during this period and should not necessitate the use of any heavy plant and machinery. It is also anticipated that this phase of the works may be completed earlier than scheduled depending on the rate of progress each night.


Re-Railing and Level Crossing Re-Surfacing – 9th May to 11th May 2020


During a full closure of Cooksbridge level crossing, Network Rail will be carrying out some necessary re-railing works and also completing the resurfacing of the north side of the level crossing (deferred from 18th/19th January), thereby making it safer and quieter for neighbouring residents with passing traffic creating less noise in future.   


The planned works will take place between 01.00 hours on Saturday 9th May and 04.00 hours on Monday 11th May and will involve a full closure of Cooksbridge level crossing throughout this period with associated road traffic diversions put in place. 


Given the significant impact of the late provision of road diversion signage during the previous level crossing closure of 18th/19th January, we have received assurances from Network Rail that appropriate contingency measures will be in place to prevent a recurrence. Furthermore, the special measures agreed before the previous level crossing closure on 18th /19th January, with advisory signs stating “not suitable for diversion” on the entrances to Wickham Lane and The Drove, and “not suitable for HGV’s” on the entrance to Beechwood Lane, will be implemented again on this occasion to minimise the use of our local lanes as unofficial diversions.


As usual, Hamsey Parish Council will be working closely with Network Rail to ensure that they minimise the environmental impact of these works in particular keeping noise to a minimum and avoiding litter, ground contamination, damage to verges, etc. 


Of course, during the current Covid-19 health emergency there is the possibility that these works may be postponed by Network Rail if necessary.