Book of Condolence available at Hamsey School mid week and then Hamsey Church this weekend, with Artwave.

The Parish Book of Condolence is available for signing at Hamsey School in Cooksbridge between 8.30am and 3.30pm until Friday this week. It will then be made available to sign at Hamsey Church.

Friends of Hamsey Church kindly open the church at weekends, and the parish Book of Condolence has been moved to here so that more people may leave a message of condolence if they wish to. The signed parish condolence book will be stored in the parish archive as a record for future generations.

This is also an excellent opportunity to visit the wonderful Artwave installations displayed at Hamsey church by Keith A. Pettit and Alan Evans, with an aptly named show called S H A R E D  S P A C E. 

If you, or someone you know would also like to pay their respects by signing the book in person but is unable to access these venues, please ask them to contact the Chairperson via tamsynhamseypc@gmail.com or 07921227623, so that we may arrange to deliver the book in person, or transcribe a given message if preferred.
Alternatively people may wish to sign the online official royal book https://www.royal.uk/send-message-condolence
Finally, pictured here is the newly installed Union flag at Bevernbridge. Old Hamsey Lakes residents led by Cllr Lindy McKendrick pulled together to erect this rather lovely centrepiece for their community space; a fitting tribute to Her Majesty from their flourishing community.